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NYCars & Coffee

A small town institution reaches America’s largest city

When & Where Does NYCars & Coffee Take Place?

Historically, our cars and coffee meets were held every Sunday from 9:30 to 12 PM in the winter at Tower Square in Woodside, Queens. One time Parks and Recreation star Adam Scott even made an appearance.  Starting April 16, 2023, we’re moving to Astoria Park and starting half an hour earlier – from 9 AM to noon. However, some weekends we’ll mix it up with a group drive, like the one we took down to Fire Island in December 2022.

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NYCars & Coffee by Acceleramota

It wasn’t until recently I found out “cars and coffee” isn’t found in the common vernacular of the average New York City local… Unless you’re a longtime car enthusiast, in which case it means driving an hour to Long Island to see the same three muscle cars you saw last week. (Love a Camaro, but can we get a few Euros and JDMs in there? Hell, it’s 2023 – show me an EV for crying out loud! Or at least a plug-in hybrid like the Alfa Romeo Tonale…)

As someone that grew up in a small town, I understand the importance of bringing people together in person. Not just once a year or a few days over the summer, but every weekend, all year round. Consistency is the fuel to the communal engine. It’s the key to building meaningful relationships with those around you. That’s why I started NYCars & Coffee.

Or as I put it in my interview with Japanese auto publication Mag-X in January 2023, “Ultimately, I want to give New York car folks a place where they can set brand allegiance aside and come together to celebrate the positive aspects of car culture.



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